Update 20 aug Diego Martin

Update 20 aug Diego Martin

20 augustus 2018 Nieuws 0

Update uit de telegram groep van Mr. Diego Martin

🔴 Brief summary of 20/08/2018. Official group Diego Martin.

❇️ In his conversation, Mr. Diego once again confirmed that August will be the beginning of the company’s work.

❇️ Mr. Diego, responding to numerous questions about the dates, confirmed that he did not give dates. The re-structuring is almost complete, the details remain. Official Diego Martin: “We are trying to make everything faster.” “Almost every day.” Mr. Diego maintains contacts with the company’s management.

❇️ Soon they will send invitations to directors with dates, for training. Invitations will be sent after the completion of some details. It was already decided how many directors will receive e-mails.

❇️ Testing will take two days: the first day – a written test. On the second day – a polygraph and the result of testing will be announced. Also, training will be conducted to identify weaknesses of directors to make sure that they are loyal to the company.

❇️ Mr. Diego answering the question: “What will happen to the directors who are engaged in another business?” Mr. Diego confirmed that those who left the company will have problems. Official Diego Martin: “We are making changes to our system.”

❇️ Mr. Diego recalled: “Changes in the structure are unacceptable, but in cases where directors leave for other MLM companies and do not work with the structures during this period, directors are removed from the structure.”

❇️ When asked about the creation of his own coin, Mr. Diego replied: “It’s too early to talk about this, but it’s possible that something will happen, this is a long-term project.”

❇️ In conclusion, Mr. Diego answered numerous questions about the invitation: “As soon as possible, we will send invitations and call.” We will do this using the criteria. And remember that the problem (will be with you) to plan a meeting with me.”

❇️ Summing up the conversation: August remains relevant. “August will be the beginning of everything.”