Update 18 aug. Diego Martin

Update 18 aug. Diego Martin

18 augustus 2018 Nieuws QW Lianora Swiss 0

Update uit de telegram groep van Mr. Diego Martin

Official Diego Martin – Resume, 18/08/2018 (on Chat since 13:02 o´clock MEST) Author Andreas Mueller
… and a little more (to clear up often repeated questions)

Main statements of Mr. Diego Martin: “Your money is safe!” – “August will be the beginning of everything.” – “While restructuring, take a screenshot every weekend.”

First what Mr. Diego Martin told us hundred of times
Question 1: When will be the reopening? When can we withdraw money?
DM: “There is no fixed date I can say. And I never said. I always told you that the August is our month, okay. We finish everything for you.”
Question 2: Do you have some news? What is your communication with the company?
DM: “Personally I have news which I am not to talk about. Communication is good. We look how things work. Restart is worse than founding a new company.”
Question 3: Which payment methods would be able to withdraw after opening?
DM: “I don´t know, because it is an issue of AGAM (FWAM).”
Question 4: Will there be limits for directors? Large or small? 5-10-15.000 €.
DM: “Yes – The investment part will communicate that. If everyone starts paying out a lot of money, we will lose the company.”
Question(s) 5: About MLM and pyramidal systems
DM and Admins: MLM is one thing and another pyramidal. If you read the pin message, you’ll find that we won in front of a jury and they say we’re not pyramidal. MLM means “Multi-Level-Marketing” and is a possibility to do marketing by word-of-mouth propaganda instead of TV advertising.
Question(s) about exams (in Dubai): … meeting this month in Dubai etc.
DM: “I never do the agenda. It is managed by a special department. My assistant and I are organized.”

About the main idea of DM: … stable company for many years “That was the idea from day one. It’s too bad I had to stop and everything collapsed. The original idea was to work with you for a lifetime. For our grandchildren. That was the basis on which we created it, but my former boss needed me, I left and everything fell apart. In a way, I feel guilty.”

Informations of the week:
The company (QW Lianora) is sending the first Emails for directors, when they have sent an Email to directors@lianoraswiss.com with content which level you have reached.
Mr. Diego Martin´s resume: “… you can see that they are working.”